Who We Are

Commitments, Opportunities, Responsibilities, and Evaluation

Throughout all the changes that CEAP has been through in the last 50 years, our commitment to our community has never wavered. As we reflect on the last 50 years and look forward to the future, CEAP is excited to be strengthening our focus and efforts on what is at our CORE.  

Our CORE journey can be understood in the following phases:  

C: Define the values that CEAP is Committed to.  

Over the last several months, CEAP staff worked together to define our values that we are Committed to:  Celebration/Joy, Growth, Intentionality, Health & Wellness, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  

O: Identify Opportunities to better honor our commitments. (Current Phase!) 

We recently invited our CEAP community to be involved as we identify Opportunities for us to better honor our commitments. As part of this phase, we created online surveys for volunteers, staff, and our neighbors who visit our food market to share their experiences and feedback. The responses of these surveys will help us better understand where we can improve our efforts at CEAP and in the community.  

R: Create plans and assign Responsibilities at CEAP needed to address our opportunities. 

Coming soon!  

E: Evaluate how well our plans are honoring our commitments.  

Coming soon!