Host a Drive

Host a Food Drive

How to Host a Food Drive: Tips and Tricks

Hosting a food, hygiene, or other drive is a great way to get involved at CEAP! We've included some of our top tips and tricks below to get the ideas rolling. When you're ready to get started, contact us. Then we can share communications templates, graphics for social media, and flyers for your drive!

Use a fun and well-decorated donation collection container! Get creative with a box, table, or other container.

Set dates that make sense for you. We recommend leaving at least a two week window for your drive.

Communicate! You may need to remind people you're hosting a food drive more than you would expect. Strive for more than one mode of communication-- in person, via email, and on a flyer posted in the restrooms are all great options to reach everyone.

Motivate your team. While many people want to give, life and work are busy and it can be difficult to prioritize a food drive. It can help to incentivize meeting the food drive goal with a team reward like an extra half day of PTO, special treats at the next meeting, or something else-- you know your team best and what would motivate them!

Ask questions and give feedback. If you have questions, or think of something that would be helpful for the food drive experience-- let us know! We want to make the food drive experience a positive and successful one for your team.

Remember to let us know when you plan to drop off your donation. We want you to have a great experience dropping off your donation, and that means we need to be prepared!


Ready to get started? Email or call Kathryn Withington at or (763) 450-3681.