Silver Selects (SS) is a hybrid program that falls somewhere between Meals on Wheels and CEAP’s Food Market.  SS is a Title III-funded program for adults 60+ who have difficult shopping and cooking, but are able to come to CEAP once or twice each month

CEAP Silver Selects offers the following diet options: regular, mechanical soft, puree, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, and renal. We also offer options for no fish/seafood and no pork. Each participant can receive 28 frozen meals per month; they either pick up all 28 at one time, or they pick up 14 meals twice each month. One of the biggest determinants is the amount of freezer space they have at home! 

Silver Selects is designed to help those in a transitional phase in their life. Program participation is reevaluated every 12 weeks. Depending on needs, a participant may continue or transition to Meals on Wheels delivery. 

The Silver Selects program is totally free for participants, and at CEAP each participant is also welcome to do a full grocery shop in our Food Market when they come to pick up their meals. This allows SS participants to help fill out the rest of their nutritional intake through the month. CEAP is currently provided nearly 800 meals through Silver Selects every month! 

Do you have questions or think that you or a loved one could benefit from this program? Contact us today at . We’d love to get you connected to these resources!