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50 Faces of CEAP: Amy Kust

Amy Kust is a volunteer who CEAP and our community can always count on to extend a hand of friendship and support with a warm smile. She began volunteering with CEAP in 2018 following her retirement as a teacher. Amy volunteers in CEAP’s Food Market in each week and frequently joins us for seasonal programs like Farm Fresh Fest and the CEAP Community Challenge. She is also very involved with Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and has helped cultivate partnerships on beloved projects like birthday bags! 

Amy is a leader and friend to all of Team CEAP. She offers rides to her fellow volunteers and is one of our top supporters on Facebook, often sharing posts to help us reach the entire CEAP community. Amy has also recruited friends, neighbors, and former coworkers to join team CEAP! 

What is CEAP to Amy? “CEAP is a community of companies, churches, organizations, neighbors, and friends who graciously ask, ‘How can I help?’” Amy says. Thank you to Amy for being one of those neighbors and friends!