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50 Faces of CEAP: Jeff Lunde

Commissioner Jeff Lunde, who serves Hennepin County District 1, has been part of the CEAP community for 23 years. He previously served as the Mayor of Brooklyn Park from 2011-2020! Commissioner Lunde first heard of CEAP through his faith community at St. Gerard’s, which is a long-term founding partner of CEAP. 

Hennepin County is a partner in the Northwest Family Service Center with CEAP, collaborates with us on programming like vaccine clinics, and provides funding for CEAP services. This partnership empowered CEAP and the County to pivot quickly together throughout the pandemic. “When other organizations buckled, CEAP kept going. Money needed to get to CEAP so that our community could get their needs met,” Commissioner Lunde says.  

Sustainability is a major factor in which organizations Hennepin County chooses to partner with and fund. “As a policymaker, I need to know who to turn to. We know that CEAP delivers for our community and has done so for 50 years,” Commissioner Lunde says. “CEAP is an expert at getting food into the hands of the community. I know who to call in a crisis.”