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50 Faces of CEAP: Nancy Blitsch

Nancy Blitsch has lived in the Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park area for over 25 years and has been a member of St. Alphonsus, one of CEAP’s founding churches, for 37. She has always been committed to CEAP’s principle of neighbors helping neighbors; she volunteers at a nursing home and is very involved in volunteer opportunities through church. About 10 years ago, Nancy was asked to take over coordinating St. Al’s donation collection program for CEAP. She enthusiastically agreed! 

Nancy picks up food and clothes donations that are collected at the church and drops them off at CEAP on a weekly basis. However, she doesn’t do it all alone. “People always jump in to help,” Nancy says. “At St. Al’s, we really care about other people and their needs. And everyone over at CEAP is so jovial and helpful.” 

To Nancy, CEAP is “an open door to good will”. She knows that what we do is a “real community effort” between churches, grocery stores, and many other partners. In November 2022, St. Al’s collected over 600 pounds of food to donate to CEAP. Nancy says, “With the world today, it’s hard to believe that people can come up with 600 pounds of food to share. I’m so grateful.”