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50 Faces of CEAP: Polly Dorr

Polly Dorr, Chair of CEAP’s Board of Directors, joined our community in 1989 when she moved to Brooklyn Park and started a family. As a busy working mom, she filled her time volunteering with causes that supported her kids, such as being a room mom and working with school’s PTO. As Polly’s kids got older, she wanted to get involved with volunteer opportunities that supported the community at large. 

Polly joined together with a few of her neighbors to volunteer for CEAP’s holiday toy program in 2010. She loved it and joined CEAP for other programs throughout the year, such as backpack distribution. Five years later, CEAP invited Polly to join our Board of Directors and she is now serving her third term as Board Chair! “There has always been a need for better community building and better representation for our community than what was reflected in the media,” says Polly. “I’ve always wanted our community to shine and CEAP really is a shining light.” 

Even as a Board member, Polly continues to volunteer her time with CEAP’s programs like Farm Fresh Fest. She makes a real effort to have a “glass half full” attitude and provide the positive energy that so many of us need these days; Polly truly embraces and forwards CEAP’s culture of abundance. “We're a family and we embrace each other and the community, and the community sees that when they come here,” Polly says. 

“CEAP has been the most rewarding volunteer gig I’ve had.”