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50 Faces of CEAP: Ruth Lundquist

Ever wonder where the quilts that CEAP shares with our community during the holiday season come from? Ruth Lundquist, the now-retired leader of the CEAP Quilters at Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, has the answer! 

In 1976, a neighbor named Ardis Fairchild organized a small group of 6 women to sew quilts. During their 1979-80 quilting season, the CEAP Quilters made 79 quilts! In 2014, the quilters’ membership reached 50 women. 

Ruth joined the quilters in 2009 because she loved to sew and was in search of a community to spend her time with. “My favorite part is just to be together”, Ruth says. “We are all retired ladies, helping keep people warm. And everyone at CEAP is so kind.” 

Ruth and the Quilters truly epitomize the practice of neighbors helping neighbors, coming together with joy and extending a hand (or 50!) of friendship. They log more hours each year than any other volunteer group at CEAP! The quilters are also a fantastic example of how nourishment goes beyond nutritious food; having what we need to feel safe and warm is so important for our health. 

CEAP staff was honored to celebrate Ruth’s retirement from the Quilters with her this week. Ruth is a remarkable neighbor and her compassion and commitment is an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Ruth!