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50 Faces of CEAP: Cory Otto

Boston Scientific has cultivated a strong tradition of partnering with CEAP over the past few years. Cory Otto, the Global Program Manager for Boston Scientific’s GROW Program, first started a food drive competition as part of the company’s Inclusive Winning Team initiative monthly “throwdowns”. They then began hosting virtual fundraisers for CEAP in order to take advantage of Boston Scientific’s matching gift program. “It’s an easy way for us to support and make connections in our local community, and the competition aspect continues to increase participation,” Cory says. 

Caring is a core value at Boston Scientific, which is why they provide opportunities for employees to give back. Cory says that although they’ve been hosting these fundraisers for a few years, employees continue to be excited and motivated. Last year, the company hosted a virtual fundraiser competition for Give to the Max Day and raised $50,000 for CEAP to leverage as a match while celebrating our 50th anniversary! They initially fell a bit short of their goal, but when Cory sent out an email letting people know the total amount raised, he got countless emails back saying to keep the fundraising page going even if the contest was over. Competitions are fun, but caring is the real motivator! 

Cory feels strongly about CEAP’s mission because as a kid, his family survived off of discounted foods and often visited food shelves. He sees that so many of our neighbors, like his parents, are working hard and making sacrifices to provide the best lives possible for their families. “Everybody is trying, and sometimes folks just need an opportunity and need help for just a short period of time in order to get on their feet,” Cory says. “CEAP is like looking in a mirror. It’s an opportunity to be grateful. I’m really proud of the ways that Boston Scientific has been able to build a stronger safety net for our community.”