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50 Faces of CEAP: Betsy Kenney

Growing up, Betsy Kenney saw her mom volunteer her whole life. She grew up believing in helping her community and has always done so in any way she could. In 1976, when CEAP recruited Betsy to help with decorations for an event, she enthusiastically agreed. 

She then began volunteering with CEAP Meals on Wheels both in the kitchen and the office. When Betsy started delivering meals, she told the Meals on Wheels team that she would take any route where help was needed, and passed on the family tradition of volunteering by taking her kids with her on routes. Now her kids are lifelong volunteers as well! 

Betsy says one thing she loves about volunteering at CEAP is that you get to know everyone so well. Visiting and forming relationships with Meals on Wheels participants makes an enormous difference. “I like to help participants with tasks like taking out the trash or shoveling,” Betsy says. “I’m always asking, what else can I do for you?” 

Betsy has been with CEAP since nearly the beginning and has helped us grow a stronger community in so many ways. “There are not many jobs at CEAP that I have not attempted to help with over the years,” she says. “I love the people in our community. I want to hug them all. It’s really good to have good people in the world.”