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50 Faces of CEAP: Tom Wilson

After retiring, Tom Wilson was looking for volunteer opportunities as a way to stay social and active in the community. He saw an ad in a local newspaper seeking volunteers for CEAP’s Meals on Wheels program and decided to give it a try because his parents had both volunteered with Meals on Wheels chapters. 

Tom loves to talk to people, so Meals on Wheels was a great fit for him. “It’s neat when you go to people’s houses and they want to chat,” he says. “People are so happy to have a warm meal and that friendship is really important too. It’s pretty rewarding.” 

Tom also makes sure to check in with Meals on Wheels participants to see if they need help with anything while he’s there. He knows that those daily check-ins can make a big difference in participants’ lives and can give their loved ones some peace of mind, knowing they’re being cared for.  

After a bit of time with Meals on Wheels, Tom started hearing more about CEAP’s Food Market and our need for volunteers and decided to incorporate a few Food Market shifts into his weekly schedule. “I like to keep moving, so I love to be the front door guy. There’s a great comradery here. I enjoy developing a rapport with participants and volunteers and get folks to come out of their shell a bit.” 

“I like the commitment of volunteering at CEAP. If you show up every day, you get your little rewards for just helping people. You get a little buzz going. I just really enjoy the people.”