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50 Faces of CEAP: Dave Kiser

Dave Kiser, Assistant Executive Director at CCX Media, has played a role in amplifying CEAP’s mission to our community for nearly four decades. CCX Media was founded in the mid-1980s and covers the nine cities of the northwest metro area; they’ve been a consistent partner of CEAP in helping us to get the word out about our services, opportunities to support us and our neighbors, and more. “We are always looking for community organizations that are doing great things in the area, and of course CEAP has come up many, many times throughout the years,” Dave says. 

Dave has witnessed the growth of CEAP and our community in the last few decades, and CCX Media’s help with sharing our story has been an important part of that growth. “CEAP started from a humble beginning with the churches. I remember doing many stories of showing the progression of how CEAP was making a greater impact as more people got involved.”  Awareness of CEAP has been critical for the continued growth of us and our community! 

CEAP has been an expert in adapting to changing circumstances and caring for our community since long before the pandemic. “I think the great thing about CEAP is that it’s always evolving. Rather finding your niche and staying there, CEAP has been very impressive in thinking ahead to what might be next and being an organization that pilots projects in the community,” Dave says.  

“CEAP has changed lives and made a difference for a lot of people.”