Meet Kathy Moon! Kathy is a retired dental receptionist with a heart of gold who uses her free time to deliver Meals on Wheels year round. She received a mailing from CEAP just over a year and a half ago and thought “Delivering meals would be a lot of fun.”

Kathy has a degree in studio art and does calligraphy for weddings on the side. She has always been a social person and loves that delivering meals helps her get out and stay connected to people in her community.

“The neighbors and drivers are what drive me to keep coming back. I’ve learned so much for them.”

Kathy shared that every person that she delivers to has been so kind, grateful and super nice to her. “It’s become such an important part of my routine. I really look forward to my routes each week.”

When asked what she would say to someone who was on the fence about volunteering she responded, “I believe that every person should do a little volunteer work in their lives. It’s good for everyone.”

Kathy is a Minnesota native that demonstrates with every route that Meals on Wheels deliver more than hot food, they deliver smiles, friendships and connections to your neighbors.

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October 4th, 2018
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