Meet Tom and Carla! This lovely duo got involved with CEAP through Saint Alphonsus Church in 1991 and have been volunteering on and off as Meals on Wheels drivers ever since. They’ve met some incredible people, volunteers and participants, during their time at CEAP. “Some of the best people I’ve met have been through volunteering at CEAP.”

Before retirement, Tom worked in the food industry and Carla was an underwriter for St. Paul Traveler’s for over 25 years. Since their retirement, the couple has intensified their “giving back” approach to life by volunteering at the Guthrie, the Arboretum and delivering Meals on Wheels once a week.

Both Tom and Carla remarked on how surprising the need was for assistance and warm meals in the community. “There are so many people who need help in our community. Without doing Meals on Wheels, you would never know.” Carla is thankful for the opportunity to help her neighbors and the connection that volunteering offers.

Her words of wisdom for someone who was on the fence about volunteering, “The rewards outweigh the effort.”

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July 30th, 2018
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