Meet Char and her children Dominic and Bella! This family is the Meals on Wheels Delivery Dream Team. The Vecellio family started delivering meals once a week a few months ago and has grown to love it. “At first, my kids were very shy and intimidated. They didn’t even want to get out of the car.”

Char is a supermom that home schools two of her children and went looking for a better way to teach compassion. “I knew I could teach them math and writing, but I wanted them to experience helping others.”

She talked about how much her children have learned through their Meals on Wheels experience. They are now the navigators through the route and handle all the meals. “I’m really hoping to teach my kids to have a willingness to step up and help people in your community.” Char was a nurse prior to adopting her three wonderful children and believes that its her ‘caregiving’ nature that led her to CEAP’s Meals on Wheels Program.

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May 31st, 2018
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