Volunteer Spotlight – Mike Feliene!

Meet Mike! A man dedicated to ‘paying it forward’ and giving back in all the possible ways that he can. This is a value that his entire family shares. Mike’s parents delivered Meals on Wheels in South Minneapolis while he was growing up and taught him the importance of taking care of your neighbors.

12 years ago the previous CEAP President came to speak to his church, Prince of Peace, and he knew that it must be meant to be. Mike worked at the Star Tribune for over 36 years in circulation – and delivered Meals on Wheels every Monday during his lunch. He is adored by everyone who opens their door to him. 

“I like to see the good in people and there is so much good here.”

Mr. Feliene has passed down those values to his two sons; one resides in Phoenix, Arizona and the other in Brooklyn, New York. Both men are avid volunteers, board members and advocates for causes and organizations in their cities. Mike has also recruited a handful of loyal friends to become Meals on Wheels volunteers at CEAP. 

“Meals on Wheels is a warm fuzzy all around.”

Mike also volunteers at schools, in his neighborhood and is a substitute driver whenever CEAP needs more help! Thank you, Mike!

Mike is pictured above with two of his favorite stops on Route 1 – Barbara Peterson and Lone Wolf. 

Want to pay it forward like Mike? Call out Volunteer Engagement Manager at 763-450-3679.

May 16th, 2018
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