As part of our #12 Days of Gratitude Campaign, We would like to recognize a volunteer that epitomizes the culture and joy of CEAP. Dave Hansen has been a food stock volunteer for the last 6 weeks. He is new to volunteering with CEAP, but has thrown every ounce of energy, enthusiasm and effort into his new role.

Dave’s journey to CEAP’s Food Market has been one of faith. He attributes his new lease on life to the community he has found at church and now at CEAP.

“The people I meet here, the joy of helping others; it strengthens the faith within me.”
Dave found his way to CEAP through our Vice President, Byron Laher and their shared affinity for sports cards. “I’m so blessed that Byron was there at just the right time.”

He now spends 25 hours of each week, sorting food and stocking shelves in our food market. Dave speaks to more than just wanting to give back to his community, but really wanting to better understand what community means and what volunteering means.

Through his short time with us, he has made some lifelong friends with participants and the Operations crew in the back. “[The operations crew] has really taken me under their wings.” Dave is such an influential volunteer for CEAP and we are beyond grateful for his hard work.

Dave lives by these three words: hope, love, & faith and has put all three into his volunteer experience with CEAP.

Be like Dave! Volunteer for CEAP and find a community that empowers you! Interested? Email or apply today.

January 2nd, 2018
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