CEAP is on the front lines helping families during the government shutdown.

“I’ve never had to ask for help like this before.”

“I’d never thought I’d be here.”

“I can’t believe this is happening.”

Your neighbors are hurting, and they need your help now, more than ever. 

CEAP is on the front lines, supporting families in times of crisis. Many families are only one unexpected event away from needing help.

We’re here for those families. Today, and every day.

Here are just a few things CEAP is doing to accommodate this unexpected increase in neighbors needing help:

  • Purchasing more food from our food bank partners to ensure we have enough access to food for everyone.
  • Doubling and even tripling our availability to get more families the access they need.
  • Working with our outreach partners to ensure neighbors in the community who may not have visited before know we are here and ready to help.

While we are honored to help our neighbors when they’re struggling, we need your help now to sustain these efforts.

Each missed paycheck for our government workers means more families visiting CEAP for support. Your gift is urgently needed to help us meet the needs of government workers visiting CEAP now, and be prepared for the possibility of a longer shutdown.

In the event the shutdown is resolved and government reopens soon, your gifts will still be put to great use to nourish neighbors, connect them with available resources, and support them during difficult times. Every day, people visit CEAP in unanticipated, difficult circumstances: unexpected job loss, sudden illness or injury, an unanticipated medical bill, etc. Your gift ensures all neighbors have our support when they need it most.

Please give now to help your neighbors feel loved, safe, and nourished during this time of distress.

January 16th, 2019
Category: Community, Family Services, News & Updates