Demand has not slowed for CEAP’s food shelf so we’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency and thereby increase both the quantity and quality of our service provision. We have streamlined the appointment calendar and fast-tracked those appointments to our Hospitality Desk to eliminate waiting once someone seeking food has arrived. When people check in at that desk they either get into the shopping area immediately, or meet with staff to update their basic household information immediately. That data collection meets requirements of funders and Government to help us comply with law and regulations around food distribution. It also gives us an opportunity to share helpful information on other resources people state they need. If they are brand new to CEAP we welcome them, share resource information, and give the household a brief shopping overview while collecting their household information. In short, with this new system there is no waiting upon arrival.


In case you were wondering what I meant about steady demand: in September 2015 CEAP Family Services served  5,777 people (1605 households) through both Brooklyn Center and Blaine locations over 112,000 pounds of food. For the same month in 2014 it was over 97,000 pounds to 5,478 people (1509 households).

October 15th, 2015
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