CEAP Partnerships Go Mobile!

CEAP and North Memorial Medical Center have partnered to increase the health and wellness surrounding each one of our neighbors in our community. 

During many of North Memorial’s clinic visits and emergency calls, medical professionals were noticing that many of the community members they were treating for illnesses or emergencies, had other health and wellness issues that couldn’t be tackled in the four walls of a clinic or ambulance.

Many of our neighbors lack access to health resources, education and wellness programs. Now, CEAP’s Bridge Bags will be available at the North Memorial Medical Center clinics and ambulance throughout Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center. Bridge bags contain several servings of non-perishable food that ‘bridge’ the time between food shelf appointments.

These bridge bags serve as physical bridge to CEAP services and gaining access to create a healthier life. This budding partnership allows for a fast track referral process from dealing with symptoms of a disease or illness in a clinic, to feeding your body and mind with education and healthy food at CEAP.

We all know that a healthier life starts with having enough food to eat and having access to resources to help you when sickness arises. 

Want more information? Contact Brad Kerschner at 763-450-3680

January 30th, 2018
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