Did you know the heart pumps about 100 gallons of blood through the body each hour – enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses? The heart is an amazing machine and this month we’re raising awareness for American Heart Month and learning ways to “Keep Your Heart Healthy.”

Your heart is a muscle and much like other muscles, your heart needs exercise to stay strong, healthy, and working efficiently. Studies show yoga, meditation, and strong social connections may also help your heart. New this year, I have created what I call “nudging bars,” or healthful tips related to the health focus topic placed around our office space. These are to get folks thinking about the health focus topic, and maybe even nudge them to make some healthy changes in their daily activities.

Let’s all thank our hearts for working so hard for us! Be good to your heart and you by getting enough exercise, eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats, reducing stress, and quitting smoking.

Alexa Artmann, Program Coordinator

February 1st, 2016
Category: Community Health, Health and Wellness, News & Updates