Beyond the Barrel

Beyond the Barrel

Ways to become involved in ending hunger in your community.

Donation Creation

Compete against other organizations in sculpture building with food donations.
You get team-building, planning, and free PR. CEAP gets the food donations. Sound like fun? Showcase your business or logo, create your passion, make a sculpture, take a photo and compete with other organizations.

Challenge Grants

Challenge your community to give.
Match the donations given by your employees. Match the donations given at an event. Match the donations received on a given day. Challenge your competitor to give more than you.

Employee Contest/Fundraiser

Boost morale and boost your donated dollars.
Pick some teams and create contests to see who can raise more. Or encourage a jean’s day that they pay for and the proceeds go to CEAP!

Pounds for Dollars

Lose weight, give back, feel great.
Start a competition and challenge your employees to lose weight. For every pound lost, the company donates $5 or $10 to CEAP. What a great way to promote healthy living for your employees and give back to the community. CEAP is happy to discuss healthy choices to your group or provide resources.

Round Up to Give Back to CEAP

Ask your customers to round up their purchases to give back to CEAP. Or donate a percentage of your sales. Or a product or service for a CEAP event.


Come and see the work firsthand and get a feel for the culture of CEAP.

Take a Tour

Learn more about CEAP and see the direct impact of your gift.

Spread the Support
Tell your neighbors, friends and colleagues about CEAP. Like us, share us on Facebook.

Contact Our Director of Development to get more involved. | 763-450-3664