I’ve talked about CEAP’s strong partnerships in the past, particularly around the Holidays as well as through school districts, but today I’ll focus three who work out of CEAP offices in Brooklyn Center where they take direct advantage of the one-stop-shop of services in the Northwest Family Service Center.

Portico Healthnet (www.porticohealthnet.org) has been in CEAP space for over a year now and has consistently been seeing families and individuals two days a week seeking help navigating MN Sure, Minnesota’s Health Insurance Exchange. They provide help with understanding health insurance products, eligibility criteria, and the MN Sure exchange website for anyone who comes to the building seeking that kind of help, and they provide it in both English and Spanish. Out of CEAP offices they assisted 177 people with their MN Sure applications.

Cornerstone (www.cornerstonemn.org) provides legal information, advocacy and other supports for victims of domestic violence. They have been co-located in CEAP office space for two years. In addition to serving people on a daily basis Cornerstone also provides a monthly Family Law Clinic where people can access a volunteer attorney for a very low cost consultation. Begun in 2015 those clinics served 10 individuals, and for monthly sessions are on the calendar for 2016.

One of CEAP’s newest partners is Somali Health Solutions (www.somalihealthsolutions.org) who also provide MN Sure and health insurance application and navigation assistance three days a week out of CEAP’s space. Somali Health Solutions provides that help in Somali as well as English thus expanding further services to Somali speakers coming to CEAP. Somali Health Solutions began serving people in October 2015 and have served over 150 people and enrolled 53 in MN Sure to date at CEAP.

With strong, effective partners like these organizations CEAP continues to provide more efficient, broader and deeper support to our neighbors seeking help.  Through these partnerships they can get many needs addressed (in addition to getting food) in a single trip to the Northwest Family Service Center, so many thanks to Portico Healthnet, Somali Health Solutions, and Cornerstone.

Patrick Morley, Director of Family Services

January 16th, 2016
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