Urgent news on the government shutdown

CEAP is on the front lines helping families during the government shutdown. “I’ve never had to ask for help like this before.” “I’d never thought I’d be here.” “I can’t believe this is happening.” Your neighbors are hurting, and they need your help now, more than ever.  CEAP is on the front lines, supporting families
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2017 March FoodShare Wrap-Up

Thank you to our generous community who made this year’s March FoodShare Campaign such a huge success. Our food shelf is brimming with food – 187,448 pounds to be exact! In addition, you helped us raise $131,982.84 in critical financial support for our programming. Here are just a few highlights from this year’s campaign:This year’s Feed
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We need you in the fight against hunger!

Every March, Minnesotans rally in support of their local food shelves, providing essential food and funds to help their neighbors in need. The Minnesota FoodShare March campaign is a statewide effort to alleviate hunger in our communities.This year, CEAP hopes to raise $150,000 and stock our two food shelves with 200,000 pounds of food to
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December Brooklyn Bounty Available!

Did you know you can find local free and reduced meals, as well as food distributions, in your area?  Check out CEAP’s December Brooklyn Bounty and the December Anoka County Community Food Calendar for the most current food resources near you.

Help Us Make Spirits Bright!

CEAP is need of gifts for our Toys of Joy program!  Through this program we provide over 1,000 families with toys for their children ages 0 to 16.  To help spread the word Channel 12 TV ran the following segment on how you can help us make spirits bright this holiday season.  Check it out!

Keep your heart healthy

Did you know the heart pumps about 100 gallons of blood through the body each hour – enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses? The heart is an amazing machine and this month we’re raising awareness for American Heart Month and learning ways to “Keep Your Heart Healthy.”Your heart is a muscle and much like other
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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes. We’ve all heard of it, we know there are different types, but what exactly is diabetes and why is it important for people to know?That’s what CEAP’s Community Health focus is all about this November. November is a perfect time to present the topic to the CEAP community as it is Diabetes Awareness Month.
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What the Holiday Season Success is all about

The Winter Holidays are a busy time of year for non-profits of all kinds but particularly for those agencies like CEAP providing immediate needs for people in the community. Demand goes up as the temperature goes down and folks have to stretch their limited incomes even further to cover rising heating costs, increased transportation costs,
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Is Healthy Food REALLY More Expensive?

We’ve all made the excuse…You know, the one where we justify eating poorly by claiming that eating healthy is just too expensive.  But is our rational based in truth or fairy tale.  Watch the video below to find out.  As it turns out, purchasing healthy foods at the supermarket can cost nearly 3 times as much
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