I walk in to our participating supplier today; they are always so happy and cheerful to see me. They know when I arrive that we have work to do, but its good work. That work that generates those feelings that something good is gonna happen.

At Wal-mart, one of our best providers, they have the Feed America Program and they donate thousands of pounds daily – they literally think it’s their job to feed America. They are so wonderful that they let us come and pick up rescue food three times a week and everyone is ready, willing and able to load my truck. Somedays they are so busy, it can take up to two hours to process the food donations they are giving to CEAP. This is where I help them out! (It’s the least I can do for all the wonderful donations they provide us.) It helps them get back to retail and me on to the next donation pick up.

It’s always great to see how everyone pulls together when it’s to help your fellow man. Everyone is so happy to do it and I’m so thankful to have this position as a driver at CEAP. Thank you everyone that contributes – keep it up.

Mike Solesky – CEAP Driver

March 3rd, 2016
Category: Community

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