Meals for Minds

2014-05-28 Meals for Minds (26)CEAP is bringing food to elementary schools, through Target’s Meals for Minds program. Meals for Minds is a school-based program funded by Target, organized by CEAP and located temporarily at the school to provide food assistance to low-income children and their families to help combat childhood hunger and its impact on education.

CEAP is partnering with two elementary schools this year: Garden City Elementary in Brooklyn Center and Zanewood Community School in Brooklyn Park. Each school has approximately 450 students.

• Distribution is monthly September – May
• Each student receives about 22 pounds of food
• 50% of this food being fresh vegetables and fruits
• 1/3 of the items are choice items (brown rice vs. white rice, canned pears vs. canned peaches)

Distribution is market style with volunteers helping families as they move through the “market”. Interested in volunteering?